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Bob Caldwell- Emmy Winner, London Olympics

NBC Sports led the 34th Annual Sports Emmys in 2012 with awards in 23 categories, more than any other sports media company for the third year in a row.

Bob Caldwell was part of the winning team for ‘Outstanding Technical Team Studio – Games of the xxx Olympiad’.

Bob edited daily inserts, presented by Jimmy Roberts, produced by Laurie white.

The pieces were personal and humorous,  ranging from a London Pub crawl story , a 37 year old German Gymnast and the superstitious rituals Athletes get up to.

In total 17 stories were produced for the NBC daytime show.

This is Bob’s second Emmy, the first being at the Beijing Olympics for ‘Outstanding Technical Team – Swimming Venue’ where Michael Phelps became the most decorated olympian of all time.



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