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  • Property Crash Clip 2

    Property Crash Clip 2

    As ireland tries to pick up the pieces from it’s worst recession in history ‘Property Crash’ investigates just how bad an effect the crisis had on our property prices and explores how a bubble of such magnitude was never going to be sustainable, by looking at other examples of crashes in Japan and Finland. Animo for RTE. Directed by Janet Traynor edited by Bob Caldwell

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    Feature length BAFTA nominated documentary. Directed by Sean Grundy, Produced by Jonny Clothier edited by Bob Caldwell. Optomen for Channel 4 The crumbling Fulford estate has been in the family for 800 years and needs to stay that way. In order to do so they need money and lots of it. Francis embarks on several money making schemes whilst his family fight and swear at each other and the dogs enjoy dinner at the family table.

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  • In Search of the Popes Children

    In Search of the Popes Children

    IFTA award winning documentary. Tyrrone Productions for RTE. Written by David McWilliams, Directed by Sarah Share and Edited by Bob Caldwell. The documentary gives an inside look at the new Irish and how they adapted to the new found wealth.

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  • Inside Irish Natiowide

    Inside Irish Natiowide

    Animo Productions for RTE. Michael Fingleton, the MD of Nationwide was a rogue banker and treated the bank as his own. Lending money recklessly to builders and developers. Accruing debts to the Irish nation of 6 billion euro..

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  • Freefall


    2 x 1 hour documentaries charting the collapse of the worldwide banking industry and how it affected the world biggest economies and left Ireland with a 64 billion euro debt. IFTA winner 2011 for best Documentary. Animo TV for RTE, Directed by Janet Traynor edited by Bob Caldwell.

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  • American Dream – Dead or Alive

    American Dream – Dead or Alive

    2 part documentary written and presented by Mark Little, Produced and Directed by Ruan Magan, Edited by Bob Caldwell. The documentary explores the notion that the America of the 40’s/50’s/60’s isn’t as desirable as it once was. There is a huge movement of people to the sun belt where life is unsustainable, a massive immigration problem and terrorist threats.

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  • Ireland’s Generation Game

    Ireland’s Generation Game

    David McWilliams follow up documentary series to the Popes Children about how the Celtic Tiger is unsustainable! he was proven right then!!

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  • Property Crash – RTE

    Property Crash – RTE

    After the Economy collapsed and the banks were bailed out, the country was left in a mess, especially the unfinished Ghost estates strewn around Ireland. This Documentary looks at the destruction of the 2008 global recsssion and how it directly effected the people of Ireland Director: Janet Traynor ¬†Editor: Bob Caldwell      

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