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  • Freefall


    2 x 1 hour documentaries charting the collapse of the worldwide banking industry and how it affected the world biggest economies and left Ireland with a 64 billion euro debt. IFTA winner 2011 for best Documentary. Animo TV for RTE, Directed by Janet Traynor edited by Bob Caldwell.

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  • American Dream – Dead or Alive

    American Dream – Dead or Alive

    2 part documentary written and presented by Mark Little, Produced and Directed by Ruan Magan, Edited by Bob Caldwell. The documentary explores the notion that the America of the 40’s/50’s/60’s isn’t as desirable as it once was. There is a huge movement of people to the sun belt where life is unsustainable, a massive immigration problem and terrorist threats.

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  • Ireland’s Generation Game

    Ireland’s Generation Game

    David McWilliams follow up documentary series to the Popes Children about how the Celtic Tiger is unsustainable! he was proven right then!!

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  • Property Crash – RTE

    Property Crash – RTE

    After the Economy collapsed and the banks were bailed out, the country was left in a mess, especially the unfinished Ghost estates strewn around Ireland. This Documentary looks at the destruction of the 2008 global recsssion and how it directly effected the people of Ireland Director: Janet Traynor ¬†Editor: Bob Caldwell      

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